Story 1

Isabirye Emmanuel

I am harnessing the demographic dividend of Uganda to contextually find Nature-Based-Solutions to Climate Change, most especially issues to do with plastic waste. I founded the Green World Challenge, GWC to deal with Plastic Waste. My work was exhibited at the Launch of the UNDP Accelerator Lab in Uganda. My most recent experience with National Policy is when I was invited to participate in an Inception Workshop on Mapping Nature for People and Planet in Uganda.

For a month in a Policy Hackathon, I collaborated with world-class conservationists and researchers to discuss how nature-based solutions and spatial planning can contribute to biodiversity conservation, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development.  The key outcomes of this collaborative effort, is the ELSA-Uganda project which seeks to map Uganda’s Essential Life Support Areas for Protection, Management, and Restoration

Story 2

Moussé Landing Sane

Ces deux cours m’ont permis de m’impliquer dans des concours de challenge qui portent sur le changement climatique et sur l’eau et l’assainissement. Récemment, nous avons été présélectionnés pour participer au concours “Young Water Fellowship Senegal”. Ces cours m’ont influencé positivement et maintenant je me lance dans la sensibilisation des jeunes pour qu’ils s’impliquent dans le domaine de l’eau. Pour moi la maîtrise de l’eau est l’élément indispensable pour s’adaptation aux changements climatiques . Nous sommes actuellement entrain de travailler pour la mise en place d’un outil communal qui permettra aux populations de faire face aux effets négatifs du changement climatique.

Story 3

Katako Kayambi Jean Baptiste
Democratic Republic of the Congo

La plus grande action que ce cours m’a inspire et je l’ai faite, c’est de créer une organisation non gouvernemental que nous avons dénommes : groupe de réflexion sur la sécurité, le droits humains et le développement”. nous avons compris que le problème de la destruction de notre environnement, les erosions, et autres questions liées a cette problématique est une question sécuritaire, touche aux droits humains de vivre dans un environnement sains et sécurise.

Nous avons eu a tenir plusieurs réunions dans notre quartier pour communiquer a la population le bien fonde de : 1. la protection de notre environnement; 2. la lutte anti-érosive; 3. le reboisement; 4. l’impact du changement climatique sur la sante. l’ong est cree et nous y travaillons ensemble avec la population et nos autorites locales en vue d’assainir, de reboiser et de proteger notre environnement.

Story 4

Terence Duri

These courses have inspired quite a number of actions from my personal life to a professional level. These courses have enabled me to raise awareness of climate change at my workplace. The skills and knowledge gained have enabled me to develop programmes at my workplace to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint from our production process, energy use, and transport.

As a mentor for environmental interns at my workplace, I have encouraged young undergraduate students to take interest in climate change issues. At the personal level, my lifestyle habits have also changed, I no-longer use personal vehicles for committing to work, I take public transport and practice energy (resource) conservation at home. I have also taken a step further to educate some youth at my local church about climate change because of the confidence gained through the courses from UNITAR.

Story 5

Hassan Mowlid Yasin

Since I have started learning from UNCC:learn platform in 2017, my life towards the environment and climate change issue has changed completely. I have started advocating for climate change and environmental protection. I have trained more than 1000 youth on what climate change is and its impact on our life. I have co-founded Somali Greenpeace Association to address climate change issues, food security, and biodiversity loss. Since the inception of this organization, I have taken the following actions to address climate change and environmental issues in Somalia.

These include but not limited to: 1. Planting trees in schools 2. School Education on climate change problems 3. Planting trees in Somali National University 4. Field training on the importance of planting trees in carbon reduction 5. Celebration of world peace day with the major theme being ”Give peace to the environment” 6. Awareness training on deforestation at Mogadishu One Stop Youth Center 7. Planting trees in Mogadishu One Stop Youth Center. 8. Training on plant protection in Daynile school. 9. Training on introduction to Climate Change. 11. Training 100 youth the importance of Biodiversity in World Environment Day 2020, 12. Police Engagement in Environmental protection and 13. youth consultation on peace promotion and preventing deforestation.

Story 6

Umar Abdullahi Umar

I was inspired by UN: CClearn courses to take bold steps in finding local solutions to stop the menace of the climate crisis, and this I did in two ways. The first way is I Founded a Volunteer Group, called ”CLIMATE ACTORS Nigeria” (Still in the process of registration with relevant authorities), through this volunteer group we were able to sensitize our local population, through seminars and workshops, to available audiences, we also involved in tree-planting campaigns in our neighborhoods, especially we targeted pupils in primary schools involving them as custodians of the trees planted in their school.

Inspired by the course I took in 2017,  I realized that Government participation is crucial (as I learned in the course about National Adaptation Plans) especially in policy formulation and fundings, I made positive use of my capacity in the government as a Scientific officer, I convinced my Head of Departments for the creation a Climate Change Unit (Headed by a Coordinator) under the Science, Technology and Innovation Department Of the Kano State Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. I was also able to include programs on Climate Change awareness campaigns, sensitizations and workshops in the 2020 budget of my Department, and recently the proposed budget for 2021. Also, I was able to present a Paper during the Kano State Science and Technology week 2019. I am proud to announce that this paper was inspired by the UNCC Learn course I participated in 2017.